The Arbitration Group, LLC, (TAG) was conceptualized by a collection of trial attorneys and former judges in North and South Carolina who shared a similar desire to provide quick, fair and impartial resolutions to complex issues in an affordable manner. Our panel of arbitrators generally have twenty to thirty years of trial experience in a broad area of legal issues from contract and construction to negligence and personal injury litigation.

Our administrator, Susie Baker, is readily accessible through email, facsimile or telephone, however, once your arbitrator or arbitration panel is selected, you will communicate directly with the arbitrator thus eliminating unnecessary administrative delays and paperwork.

There is flexibility in the selection of arbitrators. The parties may either agree on an arbitrator or have an impartial arbitrator assigned from our select list of arbitrators. We generally can provide you with an arbitrator in your locale thus avoiding additional travel expense for the arbitrator.
There is a nominal fixed filing fee that is not based upon the amount in controversy.

We have developed a framework of arbitration rules, including discovery guidelines. However, these rules and guidelines are flexible and may be modified with the consent of the arbitrator and the parties. 

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in resolving your dispute.

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Charlotte, NC 28207
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